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Christopher Alayan & Associates is now celebrating  6 years of excellence in servicing the Detroit Metropolitan area.  

Our mission is to provide high quality representation at an affordable rate.

The 5th and the 14th amendments to the United State Constitution guaranties that no person "shall be deprived life, liberty, or property withoout due process of the law."  We believe in the fundamental rights of every person.  We work hard to safeguard the legal rights you are owed by ensuring they are respected and protected.

With our attorneys on your side you will receive a fair & impartial hearing, equal protection of the laws, and a speedy trial without unnecessary delays.  You will always get the results and attention you deserve.   

At the law offices of Christopher Alayan & Associates your freedom matters most to us.  We fight hard to provide dilligent, effective, efficient and competent representation.  

Day or night, our team is standing by waiting to defend your rights.

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