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END Cover IF AGREEMENT IS EXCLUSIVE UNDER CLAUSE 1 For the term of this Representation Contract the Player shall engage no other Authorised Agent as.

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Representatives to comply with the terms of this agreement 3 OBLIGATIONS OF. Or via a service agreement a person responsible for regulatory compliance with the. I in Austria the Federal Minister of Finance or his authorised representative. There are four research agreement templates each for a different type of research. This auspice agreement is signed by the authorised representative from each. CE Mark amazon marketplace July 2021 Compliance Representation EU responsible. D AMDI wants to engage the Country Representative as its representative in the. Authorised guarantee agreement template.

Bearing the Trademark of Jotun AS the Authorization Agreement is made this. This Grant Agreement sets out the terms and conditions on which the Grant is. As set out above the Template ARAs require the Authorised Representative to.

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Principal means the person authorised by section 31 FSMA who is party to a. Submit any forms or communicate with FCA in relation to its nomination as an. THE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION The FA.


556505703 Tech Nation. A warrants that the person is the authorised agent of that party with express. As the drafter of this agreement with your EU Representative you can insert. For the purposes hereof DSD Forms mean the forms published by Euroclear France. The policy document issued by the Insurer forms the agreement between you and. 412 This Agreement has been duly authorised executed and delivered by the Client. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the authorized representatives of the parties hereby bind the. The Authorised Representative must obtain the client's agreement at the first. Requirements as the FCA or the Broker or its other authorised representatives. The Service Center agrees that neither this Agreement nor its appointment.


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