"I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer."

Chris not only helped me, but went above and beyond to get the best outcome possible for my case. I couldn't have asked for a better, hard working, and qualified lawyer.


He is the best lawyer I've worked with. He is very helpful and awesome, he always takes care of me when I need him. I had a few speeding tickets and he deleted my points. I'm so happy.

"Great Lawyer! Very Punctual! Got the Job Done."

Contacted Chris about a criminal case, was very professional. Knows the law and was very on point. Help walk me through the process step by step. Was a complex case. Even went the extra mile when my leg was injured and I couldn't drive to court, he picked me up from my house to make sure I was on time. He answered my questions always takes my calls. I'd recommend him to anyone that needs a good lawyer. Thanks Chris


There is no case Chris can't win, each time I needed him he was there to clean up my messes! He even takes the time to call and ask how I am! Chris, I am so thankful for everything you have done! I don't know how else I can say it! JUST CALL CHRIS!!!

"Metro Detroit's Super Lawyer"

High Level Review- I’m an educated, 30-50 old professional whose case was dismissed. I work at a publicly traded, very high profile company.

Chris is extremely knowledgeable, professional and immediately put my mind at ease. I was fully briefed beforehand as to what I could expect as we moved through the process. Chris put my mind at ease, which allowed me to move forward in my Professional career while the whole mess was going on.

I recommend Chris to anyone in need of counsel. He’s one of the TOP Metro Detroit Lawyers and won’t let you down!

"You are the best lawyer!"

Where do I start from, he is super nice and professional person. This was my first time dealing with him and he took good care of me and the issue I was facing. He answered his phone every time I needed to talk to him. Also if the phone call went thru voice mail, he would contact me back with less than 15 mints. I contacted him more than 2 times before the court date, because I had couple of questions to ask him and he answered them all with clarification. He was super patient with me. He also answered my question in a very professional way. He is super talented at what he does and I would recommend him to "everyone" and also to my friends and family for sure. He makes everything so quick and easy and didn't feel frustrated at all. Thank you again Christoper you are the best. I would give him 100/100!

"Best in the business!"

Chris was and is absolutely the best around. I hired him on 2 separate occasions and both times he has exceeded my expectations as a lawyer and person. Very straight forward and to the point but also very personable. Him and his team really care on a personal level. Him and his team are the only ones I would recommend to anyone and every one. Thank you Chris for all the hard work!

"Excellent Experience"

Christopher is top notch, and is always prepared to handle any wrinkle that arises during the long court process. He always kept us updated with important information and has a caring way that helps us to feel safe in using his services. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

"Best decision I've ever made."

I'll be the first admit that I made a terrible decision one evening. Then I followed it up with the smartest move of my life. I hired Christopher Alayan. He was professional, honest and came through on every avenue of his representation. Chris saved my career and my everyday life. I would hire him for any legal matter and have referred him to my closest friends and family. Time after time, he's never let us down.

"Confident attorney who I would recommend to anyone."

Took care of my traffic tickets multiple times with 0 points. All courts respect him and he saved me thousands in insurance increases. Thanks Chris.

"Outstanding knowledge and experience."

I won a felony charge case because of my lawyer Christopher Alayan, he has outstanding knowledge and experience. His great advisement of my rights and choices brought a great outcome. I highly recommend him, you will be in good hands.

"I would refer him to anyone"

Mr. Alayan was referred to me by a friend. Chris handled my matter in timely matter. He keep me informed of all details of the case. He was able to bring the court fees and fines to a minimum. I would use him again if needed and would refer to anyone.

"Always on time and prepared for court."

I was referred to Chris by a friend. First I called and spoke to his wonderful secretary Katie, she relayed my message and Chris called back momentarily. He patiently listened to my story. He advised me of what we could do. I retained him 2 days before court, he was able to adjourn it so he could get the proper information. I was very nervous, Chris told me not to worry, that was his job. I sure didn't have to worry. He was always on time and prepared for court. With his expertise my case was dismissed. I will be retaining him for an expungment, and recommend him to anyone I know with legal concern.

"Knowledgeable, professional, and understanding."

I was charged with simple assault. I was referred to Mr. Alayan. The first time I called I spoke to Katie, his wonderful secretary. She gave him my message and he called back momentarily. He patiently listened to my story, so I retained him and it was only 2 days before my court date. He was able to adjourn my case so he could could all the proper documentation. He was always prepared and on time for court. I put half down and made payments. He took his time and did everything we needed to do to win the case. We won,it was dismissed. I suggest anybody to retain Christopher, he is knowledgeable, professional and understanding. I will be hiring him for my felony expungment.

"Rare attorney who REALLY CARES."

Couldn't ask for better legal representation... Steadfast direct and has a knack for his passion. I have had the privilege of having Chris seamlessly guide me through some legal misfortunes with his confidence and legal experience on several occasions. Make no mistake whomever is represented will be in great hands.

"I could not have been more pleased."

Mr. Alayan took the time to really understand the circumstances around my situation. He advised me if my rights and the specific laws that I was ticketed for. He put together a vigorous defense and got my charges minimized with no points. I could not have been more pleased and appreciative.

"Mr. Alayan handled my case very professionally and quickly. "

I was facing a jail sentence and was scared out of my mind. He constantly reassured me and supported me throughout the process. He always promptly responded to all of my questions and made sure I understood everything that was happening. I always felt that he cared and was doing everything he could to help me. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a hardworking and skilled attorney.

"Good uncle, good lawyer, good father."

"Go with the Best!"

Fantastic representation from this man and we would highly recommend his services to anyone that needs criminal defense. Always professional, courteous, caring and timely. Go with the best!!


Christopher Alayan is the best lawyer ever and I don't care what other people say. Keep the good work and keep your head up you'r the best.